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hey Shaun, i really want to know how to make the inventory system from clash royale. If you are not  familiar with the games inventory,  it has equip slots for cards,  a upgrade system for cards where if you have multible of 1 card type you can upgrade the card to its next level. Also there is a way of seeing the stats of the cards, also they have a neat shop system.  I think it will  be very useful to have a similiar inventory as clash royale in my game,  knowing the succes the game has had. Im willing  to pay you if you think it will be fun to make such a interesting inventory :) have a nice day!

why it has to pay??? :((

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Because I show you all of this for free in the videos. The source is a bonus or for people who want a quick solution. It also gives people a way to give one off donations of sorts if they can't support via patreon. =)

wowowow hi nice to meet you!

oh ok have a nice day

I just accidentally deleted it all
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wow! thanks :)