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A colonization game largely about making terrible random guesses about things one shouldn't guess about.

Send ships to new worlds, loaded with brave colonists and precious space fuel. Make sure to aim well, and bring enough fuel, or your colony ships could end up floating adrift, lost in space forever, or collide with a star.

The earth is starting to teeter on the edge of overpopulation, so it's time to conquer space! If a planet overpopulates the environment will degrade until the planet becomes uninhabitable.

Keep the species afloat for as long as you can.

...or just fire every living person on earth into the sun. Up to you, really.

Controls and UI are really bad but hopefully well enough explained, was a challenge to try and code this sort of game for me! Pretty happy with it. Shame I couldn't get any music together.

Might tweak this one up a bit some day =)

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Tags48-hours, Space, Space Sim


Multiplanetary.exe 5 MB


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can u publish source code ?

or teach how make infinite space ?

this is cool