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This project template allows you to render a regular 2d tilemap as an isometric game world. Including the scripts to convert from a tile position to an isometric render position, and vice versa. Allowing one to easily build isometric games in GameMaker Studio 2.

Includes one object and five scripts:

  • oRender - builds the tilemap and controls rendering of the game
  • TileToScreenX - convert a tile x/y  to an isometric screen x position
  • TileToScreenY - convert a tile x/y to an isometric screen y position
  • ScreenToTileX - convert an isometric x/y position to a tile x.
  • ScreenToTileY - convert an isometric x/y position to a tile x.
  • macros - script for defining map, screen and tile width & height.

This project also allows you to control the "z height" of each tile and is very easy to expand.

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hey this is a really sweet project. Do you have any notes or a video on it i can watch so I can learn how it works? i would like to learn how to do more isometric stuff and this seemed really awesome. Or if you can update the file with a note file or something that would be awsome!

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This is insanely late, but for anyone else wondering this project is based wholly on a two part tutorial I made on YouTube here: 

Cool asset! It's really pleasing. :)